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Corporate Information

one to ONE - Value each and every one of us creates

There are many kinds of tubes we make daily in our course of production. And each of those tubes is being used valuably by each of our customers. We feel that each "one" of our tubes is being liked by each "ONE" of our customers.
And each of those tubes not only has convenience and is economical but also is safe and kind to the environment.
As a manufacturer of such tubes, we must keep on advancing - from a manufacturer's viewpoint (one) to a user's viewpoint (ONE) and from manufacturing (one) to building a value (ONE).
As a result, we who make tubes (one) are connected to you who use them (ONE) as "one to ONE".

Daiwa will continue its challenge into the future.

We have been making tubes for over 75 years since our establishment in 1932.
Although you may feel that a tube is simply a tube, there is a lot of effort and idea poured into the making of a single tube.

Since our establishment, we have been striving to:
- make tubes that are safe,economical, convenient, and kind to the environment.
- make even better tubes using the latest technology based on our sincere obligation to our customers.
- create a better environment so that each of our employees can work comfortably and in harmony.

President and Representative Director, Shinichiro Nakamura
one to ONE