Greetings from
the President

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With the world's population approaching 8 billion, and the use of the Internet and Artificial Intelligence is advancing by leaps and bounds, the world has become highly complicated, and the pace of this change has become increasingly hectic. In such an environment, I feel that it is becoming increasingly difficult for each of us to find value in work and feel that it is worthwhile and meaningful in our lives.

Thus, we should think about what we can do for the world, share it with our colleagues in a “glocal” (global + local) way, and act to become the person you want to be. By realizing such initiatives in the business we are engaged in constantly, I would like to make the world a safer/more secure place where people can be more active and healthy.

In Tochigi, as a diligent and friendly company that manufactures and delivers seemingly ordinary plated steel tubes all over Japan, we are doing a lot more than you might imagine. We hope that people will get to know us better and that together we can create a future where people all over the world can play an active role in safety, security, and health. We look forward to your continued support for Daiwa Steel Tube Industries.

Daiwa Steel Tube Industries Co., Ltd.


Shinichiro Nakamura