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Our Post Zinc and Perfect Post Zinc products are used in the temporary scaffoldings at construction sites of houses and buildings.
The scaffoldings are made of steel tubes of 48.6mm diameter and are joined together with clamps using bolts.

Example of usages:
The wedge- and bracket-type scaffoldings are used at housing/building and civil construction sites.
Base support:
Round or Square steel tubing for base support of a concrete molding box.
Used as supports for earthwork at housing/building and civil construction sites.
Temporary enclosure:
Used as supports for temporary enclosure of earthwork and civil construction sites.
Protection use:
The single tube are used as barricades.
Example of other usages
Suspended scaffoldings:
Suspended scaffoldings

These Post Zinc scaffoldings are used during the repairing of expressways where we drive on without noticing their existance.
They play an important part in securing the safety of the construction workers and in improving their work efficiency.
♦ Scaffoldings where workers can work safely:
-These scaffoldings can be used with reassurance since they conform to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's work safety rules.

Temporary enclosure:
Temporary cinctures

As you were walking along the street, did you ever happen to see an iron plate wall around a construction site?
Although, it's not visible from the outside, there are supporting tube on the inside to prevent the wall from falling. Our post zinc tube are used even in such weather-beaten locations.
♦ It does not rust easily.
-Because the outer surface of the tube is plated with zinc, they do not rust easily even if placed in the open or underground.

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