Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Any person or organization (including companies) may access the website of Daiwa Steel Tube Industries (hereafter called Daiwa) freely but it is assumed that he/she or the organization agrees with the conditions set forth below for use of the content for his/her or the organization's use.

Exemption matters
When we publish information on this website, we take utmost care to assure the readers that the presented information is correct and accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, it does not mean that we guarantee the accuracy of the presented information and the safety of their usage in any way. Therefore, we are not liable for damages caused as a result of the use of these information by the readers of this website.

It should be noted that the content of this website may change without prior notice to the reader. Also, this website may be temporarily terminated or permanently discontinued at our convenience without prior notice. At the same time, we will not assume any responsibility for damage caused as a result of the readers use of the information contained in this website, or by the temporary termination or permanent discontinuance of this website.

The information (text, graphics, design, trademarks, logos, ets.) contained in this website are the property of Daiwa, the copyright holder, or other entitled holders. It is prohibited to use these information beyond the range as permitted by law and if they are to be used (for reproduction, modification, uploading to the network, and publication, etc.), the prior consent from Daiwa is necessary.

Links to third party websites
The content of the linked websites is the responsibility of those linked companies, and therefore we will not assume any responsibilities for any consequences due to linking. It is your responsibility to use the content of the linked site in accordance with the Terms of Use of each site. We will not be held responsible for any liabilities caused as a result of your linking to these sites.

Respect of privacy and protection of personal data
Our company highly respects privacy of individuals and the protection of information that goes with it.
For details, go to "Privacy Policy Announcement".

For linking to our website
You can freely link to our website from your website. (Since it is link free, you need not notify us of the link.) However, we ask you to read the following before creating a link to our website:

You can put a link to our website but you are not permitted to copy any of our content to or to reproduce them on your website. We will not be held responsible for any inconvenience caused to you or your readers as a result of our change, modification, or deletion of our web pages, as a result of your link.
Prohibited action
We prohibit the following action when you access our website.
  1. Acts that violate or may violate our or a third party's privacy policy or property.
  2. Acts that cause disadvantage or may cause disadvantage to us or to a third party.
  3. Acts that offend or may offend public order or morals.
  4. Acts that lead to or may lead to crime.
  5. Acts of registering an e-mail address under someone else's name or a false name.
  6. Acts of trying to set up a business or to promote sales using our web content.
  7. Acts that damage our or a third party's image or confidence.
  8. Acts that try to infect our site with computer viruses and the like.
  9. Acts that violate or may violate the law or ordinances.
  10. Acts that we judge to be improper.
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